July 28, 2021
Top Forex Brokers in USA

Best Forex trading brokers in USA

In U.S.A, while trying to select or align towards some Forex broker, the choice is much more limited to that of those available to other foreign traders and this is because of the fact that the Forex   broker in United States of America must be standardized by National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and US brokers are bound to many demarcations in order to fully ensure security  and authenticity to the people who trade with them.

The National Futures Association graded that the leverage of the brokers should limit to 50:1 and coordinate to the burdensome records and the requirements of reporting.

Moreover there are also sprinkling number of National Futures Association (NFA) systematized brokers  available in U.S.A that provides and promises a decent and reliable service and a convenient platforms .

What exactly should you look into?

The crucial point to keep in mind is that the Forex market of United States of America appears heavily standardized but this entire system is more of conventionality rather than having  strong boundaries with a confined set of rules what it usually appears to be.

One more point to be noted is that the whole system is  scattered  and decentralized with purely no body to govern particularly considering the present scenario.

So, it is not illegal to do online trading in U.S.A like many other global territories.

If you are a broker and you have the channel and the power to accept traders from U.S.A, you can trade with them, as simple as that.

A List of  US brokers:

So keeping all the above facts into consideration, the online trading in USA is far more safe and reliable than any that you will want to rebound intermittently.


Its parent company is standardized by the laws of Republic of Macedonia which makes them convenient and easy .It provides the citizens of U.S.A with wide  range of Banking Options.

The minimum amount of money required to deposit in is just $50 with a huge leverage of 1000:1.The major pro of LMFX is its vigilant management of accounts and their information which makes the entire thing very comforting and easy.

These are the highly recommended USA brokers.


Licensed in Canada by IIROC .But they have granted their license to operate by the CFTC , NFA and FCA from United States of America and UK.

They also propose minimal deposit and a leverage of 50:1.


These are owned by GAIN Capital Holdings, the NYSE-listed parent company. This company offers many things from forex spreads , a platform to trade mobiles , technical research indicators in almost twenty nine different languages and periodically trade executions. It also offers an alliance across MetaTrader and FOREXTrader extensions

Tradeking Forex/Zecco:

This company Zecco was taken over by Tradeking a while back. This broker company offers a complete dynamic trade connection, tight spreads of around one or two pips  , a cascading news and  a heterogeneous forex platforms for Forex Trading.

Trading their broker application across the smartphones and tablets is also compatible.

ATC Brokers:

What makes these brokers really powerful and at the same time popular is their STP Execution, multiple brackets order, allowable scalping and many other risk management tools like their capability to breakeven, customer trailing stop-loss and many many  more .This is among the most popular brokers from United States of America.

Think or swim :

Think or swim is owned by TD Ameritrade , Inc. is another popular US-regulated Forex broker that offers the forex trading in more than hindered global currency pairs.

Interactive Brokers:

Another very famous broker from U.S.A having vast global presence is the Interactive Brokers. They claim to have low trading costs with a very high level of execution, their offering are widely global and they have high- end technology when it comes to trading, they have many risk management tools and trading tutorials hence making it the talk among the traders.

Traders Choice FX:

Traders Choice FX provides with almost twenty years of full service which introduces brokerage firms and rebate programs by providing a cash bonus for each Forex trade we make.

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