July 28, 2021

How to avoid Forex scam and fraud?

Forex trading is very challenging due to its high volumes of trade and liquidity. Trading in Forex market may excite you about becoming rich with less effort and no time. Every trader who is entering in the world of Forex trading should aware that there are Forex scams and fraud and know the ways to avoid them before entering the Forex trading. Forex market investors range from large investment banks to retail investors. Highly technical nature of the Forex market and loose regulation in the market can make the retail investor susceptible to Forex fraud.

Scams of Forex trading  

When profit/loss in the Forex trading is determined by movement of currencies in the market, you may wonder about the opportunity for fraud in the Forex market. In the currency market, most of the retail investors approach broker to conduct trading. These brokers create a fake accounts to showcase they are earning huge commissions; sell the software that are indented to generate profits to the customers in the Forex market irrespective of their performance. Forex scams drag the attention of the customers trough sophisticated advertisements through various mediums. Brokers lure the customers into Forex scams by assurance about their ability to predict the market and deliver higher returns with lower risk. Here are few tips that one novice trader of the Forex market should take into consideration to avoid scams.

Offers provided by the broker that sound too good to be true

Anybody enters the Forex market to make some good deal of money through trading. However you should never go by the offer that promises you to make rich over night. Never use your emergency fund or retirement saving or mortgage property to invest in these type of offers, they are chances that you lose all you hard earned money.

Promises high returns

Never go by the company that promises high profits more than what they can actually deliver. There are false companies that promise 30%-40% of returns on your investments in short period of two months. They false claims and are tactics to lure the profits of the customers.

Downplays the risk

Any trading industry be it stock market or Forex market involves risk. The return you get from the investment is based on the risk taken by the investor. Don’t go by the companies that downplay the risk involved in the Forex trading. Like any other trading alternatives, Forex trading involves risk. Don’t be blind that the broker company will recover all your losses and your investment will remain safe. You may lose a part or all your money in trading depending on the risk involved so, doesn’t invest the money that you cannot afford to lose.

Understand about margin before you trade

Don’t go by the brokers words that you can make high profits on trading on margins unless you have a good knowledge about the same or securitize the trade closely. You may end up in creating more debt than profit. 

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