July 28, 2021

How to make money in Forex trading without investment?

You may be surprised to hear that there are ways to earn money in the Forex market without investing a single penny. If you are the one who is interested in the Forex market but are afraid to invest some money in the trading for the fear of losing it, the article is for you. There are ways to earn money through Forex market without the need for making an investment. However, making money through Forex trading without investment will not bring substantial income so, you should be sure if you want to be a serious trader or be an investment free gainer in the Forex market. The money you earn here is not from the open market but from the brokers.

No deposit account

This sounds good for the trader who wants to earn money without making an investment. Broker opens a no deposit account for the trader with a minimum amount. You will not be able to withdraw money from the account unless the trade is successful. The trader will get exposure to the Forex market real trade without the need for investing money. Though the money you make from this no deposit account is not huge, you will get the confidence to trade in the real market with your money. Many brokers open these no deposit account as part of their PR to gain the attention of the customers.

Affiliate program 

This is one of the popular ways to earn money through Forex market without making an investment. You act as an affiliate to the brokerage company to attract the customers to them. Once the invited customers start trading in Forex, you will earn your hard earned money. If you have a website, you can choose this option to earn money from the Forex market. You will earn money for your referral irrespective of the profits or losses made by the customers. The brokers will pay you from the customer’s money. The best part of earning money through Forex trading in this way is you risk nothing while you procure funds for making the investment.


This is another way to earn money in Forex trading without making any investment while you build confidence to trade in the real market. Often the brokers open contents between the traders through demo account. The objective of this trading is to move ahead of other participants in trading through the virtual account. As there is no risk of losing the money while trading through demo account, you can always apply various strategies that you have learned through your experience and stand on the top of the all the contestants. When you win the contest after a specific period of time, real money is transferred into your real account. Participating in these contests will not only earn money for you but also build your confidence to trade in the real market.

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