July 29, 2021
Forex Trading

Best forex trading platforms in India

There are a large variety and kinds of Forex Brokers in India that will offer you a wide range of currency connotation and many other Forex kind of trading opportunities.

Most of the famous and successful brokers of Forex allow and welcome traders who have their ground in India. So here is a list of very advantageous brokers that you can sign up for and what  you can expect from the broker in which you choose to grow as a trader at.

What makes them THE BEST?

Some features that you ought not to ignore of any broker while signing up for trading in:

Fast Payouts:

Nobody wants to wait there for long for their payouts .Make sure that the broker pays you in less than forty-eight hours. Keep away from the ones that are making you wait there for more than that.

There are many brokers that are going to pay you on the same day that you request withdrawal from the web wallet.

The one having license:

There are very few licensed authorities who regulate Forex Broker. By signing up to licensed one’s, you will have someone to refer to and ask help from in times of any query.

Currency pairing options:

The more trading options available, the better .Always select the one that gives you a large number of currency pairing options.

Customer Services:

A reliable and most available customer service can serve loads.

Best trading Forex Brokers:

Here is the list of Brokers that lets us join upto their allowances with entirely no issues with where you reside These are some of the brokers that are best in all the segments:


They started their Forex operation with their leverage as 400:1 with a minimum of deposit of $50 usually.Their customer support is usually a remarkable 24/7 .


These are one of those Forex brokers that has inaugurated operation in India. They demand a very little deposit. They promise a loyalty programme and many other contests for prizes and real time bonuses.


They provide trading signals to their customers free of cost. The spread for Euro/U.S dollar is mostly 2.5 pips and 2.8 pips  for the British pound/dollar.


Awarded as the Best  Forex Broker Asia in the foreign Exchange Awards demanding a minimum deposit of $5.The leverage that is supported is up to 1:500.



This list of Forex Brokers in India can be really helpful for an investor whether he is new in it or some experienced fella and provides a full statistics of the forex brokers of India.

Among all the platforms of India, Trajini is considered as the best broker of India because of many of its reliable features like:

  • Having the best reliable and  stable platforms for the trading currencies
  • Maximum brokerage value is just Rs 20.
  • They have a supportive and a reliable customer service
  • All the reports are updated within seconds.


This is where all professional  traders can earn more and more money and even save it

Zerodha started with the new theory of sharing broke discount of Indian share market.

With them you can probably earn 80-90 percent on brokerage with them. The value of their brokerage is very very cheap in contrary to the brokers providing full service and those who are very competitive among other discount share brokers.

It started with introducing a new theory of Equality Delivery Trades with Rs zero as brokerage.

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